Kami menangani krisis Iklim dan krisis Polusi Plastik We address the Climate crisis and Plastic Pollution Crisis

Sejak 2010 kami menangani polusi dari sumber berbasis daratan, sungai dan laut di Indonesia, awalnya di Indonesia Timur. Jaringan pemangku kepentingan kami menjadi nasional dan internasional dan pada tahun 2015 kami mendirikan Platform Limbah Indonesia (IWP). IWP adalah asosiasi nirlaba terdaftar. Pada tahun 2018 kami bersama-sama memprakarsai International Waste Platform bekerja sama dengan mitra jaringan internasional kami di 31 negara.

Since 2010 we address pollution from land-based, riverine and marine-based sources in Indonesia, initially in East-Indonesia. Our stakeholder network expanded nationwide and international and in 2015 we established the Indonesian Waste Platform (IWP). Indonesian Waste Platform is a registered non-for-profit association. In 2018 we co-initiated the International Waste Platform collaborating with our international network partners in 31 countries.

Dampak Kolektif Collective Impact

Platform Limbah Indonesia mendorong perubahan berdasarkan model Dampak Kolektif. Semua pemangku kepentingan yang berpartisipasi dalam platform ini memiliki kepentingan dalam pengembangan, yang pada kenyataannya sering menjadi bagian dari pengembangan mereka sendiri.

Indonesian Waste Platform drives change based on the Collective Impact model. All stakeholders participating on this platform have a stake in the development, which is in actual fact often part of their own development.

Our scope of work

mapping stakeholders and their efforts on advancing solutions to support solving the waste crisis in Indonesia – you are invited to register on the map via the registration form at this link

collaboration & synergy

  • facilitating cross-sector collaborations
  • creating synergy in agendas
  • engage stakeholder in national action plans and strategies

quality education & awareness campaigns

community-led waste management addressing

harmonisation & standards

  • citizen science harmonisation of monitoring protocols & data
  • strive for mandatory recyclability verification
  • standardisation of recycling information on packaging
  • standardisation of recycling information on bins

Participating stakeholders

communities; grass-root organisations; educators; academia, universities & student groups; local champions; governmental organisations; Indonesian recycling sector; brand-owners; Indonesian Packaging Federation; international organisations

Participants outreach

  • direct communications via our discussion forum and double-sharing to other forums to support further dissemination of relevant publications. Engage ! and join us at our discussion forum
  • WhatsApp groups
  • virtual meetings and webinars

Endorsed by

Collaborative network participant at

Since 2020 link Indonesian Waste Platform has been committed to the UN Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative and its principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption. Communication of Engagement

Partners for progress

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