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We support the Indonesian National Action Plan, monitor & report, build capacity of stakeholders and implement innovative solutions

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Join our session : The vital role of environmental education to end plastic pollution – lessons learned and potential solutions – presented by collaborating network partners at International Waste Platform.  Track 4, session 4.3  Tuesday September 20th at 8:30 – 9:30 local time. Contact Marta (Ica) Muslin

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The IWP network has been built since 2010, was established in October 2015 as a non-for-profit organisation supporting advancing and accelerating solutions on the global climate & waste crisis within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals. Solving the waste problems in Indonesia is complex and the responsibility of all individuals and institutions. A collective approach, stakeholder engagement, continuous communication and agenda synergy are needed to achieve the goal of reducing 70% of Marine Plastic Waste in Indonesia by 2040.  

In 2015 IWP filled the existing gap on connecting stakeholders from all sectors and bridging top-down strategies to bottom-up by opening a neutral communication platform in an open Facebook forum. Stakeholders are invited to join this meeting point to share updates about their efforts, scientific reports, strengthen their own networks and peer-to-peer capacity building. IWP promotes co-ownership and Collective Impact Approach. Indonesian Waste Platform is co-founding member of the International Waste Platform (2018)

our scope of work

collaboration | synergy

facilitating cross-sector collaborations | stakeholder mapping | creating synergy in agendas | stakeholder introductions

capacity building events

we have a long trackrecord of organising inclusive capacity building events. Overview 2012 – 2022 conferences, workshops, seminars, training

quality education | awareness campaigns

strive for waste and climate literacy included in school curricula | raise awareness about the impact of open burning | campaigns to reduce your plastic footprint | advance citizen science

solid waste management | reduction of litter and burning

community-led waste management in remote and rural regions | advance refilling in East Indonesia | reduce open waste burning | reduction of single-use plastic in subsistence fisheries

Report in Bahasa Indonesia Report in English
Download Gambaran umum IWP tahun 2021 – IWP overview 2021

participating stakeholders

communities | grass-root organisations | educators | academia | universities | student groups | local champions | governmental organisations | Indonesian recycling sector | brand-owners | Indonesian Packaging Federation | international organisations

participants outreach

direct communications via our discussion forum | double-sharing to other forums to support further dissemination of relevant publications | WhatsApp groups | virtual meetings and webinars

collaborative network participant and network partners

International Waste Platform | Global Partnership on Marine Litter | Global Tourism Plastics Initiative | PREVENT Waste Alliance | Indonesia National Plastic Action Partnership | Network partners for progress

endorsed by

code of conduct on integrity and funding


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