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In 2010 the foundation for the Indonesian Waste Platform was laid in East Indonesia on Flores island. Since then our stakeholder network has grown in a nationwide and international network, connecting stakeholders from all sectors for collaboration on solutions for the waste problems on land, in freshwater bodies and the ocean. Solving the waste problems in Indonesia is complex and the responsibility of all individuals and institutions. A collective approach, stakeholder engagement, continuous communication and synergy in agendas are needed to achieve the goal of reducing 70% of Marine Plastic Waste in Indonesia by 2040.  

Our scope of work

We establish solid waste management in remote regions

We are specialised in establishing waste and litter collection systems in rural and remote regions, in collaboration with communities which do not have such services in place. Our approach includes reduction of single-use plastics, advancing refilling and reusables systems and increasing collection and recycling rates. We operate a sorting center in Labuan Bajo, where prepare recyclables for recycling on Java. We work with fishermen on reduction of single-use plastic in subsistence fisheries. We support local authorities with policy development and we support communities with an exit strategy, where we hand over the solid waste management activities to the community.

We educate

We have a long trackrecord of organising inclusive capacity building events. overview 2012 – 2022 conferences | workshops | seminars | training. And check our pages on

We promote & facilitate collaborations

stakeholder mapping

Participating stakeholders

Participants in our network: Communities | grass-root organisations | educators | academia | universities | student groups | local champions | governmental organisations | Indonesian recycling sector | brand-owners | Indonesian Packaging Federation | international organisations

Our outreach

We share news via our inclusive discussion forum and via WhatsApp groups. We double-share to other forums to support further dissemination of relevant publications. We organise virtual meetings and webinars. Check out our video channel here.

Collaborative network participant at

Asia Pacific Civil Forum on Marine Litter (APML) | PISCES Partnership | Global Partnership on Marine Litter | Global Tourism Plastics Initiative | PREVENT Waste Alliance | Indonesia National Plastic Action Partnership

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