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Not one single organisation is responsible for waste prevention and management, nor can one single organisation solve the issues of waste. Indonesian Waste Platform is a co-owned national stakeholder association. Established in 2015

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Scope of work

  • Mapping of stakeholders and stakeholder groups and their programs
  • Promoting and facilitating cross-sector collaborations and facilitate advancing synergy in agendas
  • Promoting and facilitation stakeholder engagement in national action plans and strategies
  • Capacity building of stakeholders
  • Campaigning to promote reduction of single-use plastics use and implementation of alternative delivery models
  • Lobby for inclusion of environmental education in national curricula to advance waste and climate change literacy
  • Lobby for mandatory international standardisation of recycling information on packaging and bins and mandatory recyclability verification
  • Supporting increasing recycling rates
  • Collaborate with network partners at International Waste Platform
  • Responding to the call for action on advancing Sustainable Development Goals 3 4 5 6 10 12 13 14 17

Participating stakeholders

  • Governmental organisations; Indonesian recycling sector; Brand-owners; Indonesian Packaging Federation; NGO; Educators; Academia, universities & student groups; Local champions; International organisations

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