15 March 2018 – Global network of country hubs initiated in San Diego

A global network of country hubs emerging –

After one year of preparations on 15 March 2018 representatives from
Ghana, Africa (regional hub) , Canada, US, Germany, Taiwan, Australia and Indonesia initiated a global network of country hubs. This initiative includes the Philippine Waste Platform. Portugal was not able to join but also involved. (they spearhead a Portuguese speaking countries hub.)

We agreed to the following:

We collectively will express the intention of forming a collaboration between country / regional networks to the 6IMDC organisation today Friday 16 March 2018

We agreed to start by making a simple overview of our own core activities as hubs and bring this info together and take it from there.

Please join our initiative.
More info: nina@indonesianwaste.org (Indonesian hub) and heidi@tangaroablue.org (Australian hub)