Satellite platforms on Bali, Sumatera (Aceh and Tubaba), Garut on Java, Maluku, Sulawesi and East Nusa Tenggara work hand in hand and along the same principles of Collective Impact, in a structural way on joint initiatives, development of best-practices, news sharing and capacity building in rural & remote communities (RRCs).

Each satellite coordinator established a local cross-sector stakeholder network and created goodwill from stakeholders to collaborate.

IWP coordinators and facilitators themselves are a representation of RRCs. They were born and raised in the communities they wish to empower and support. IWP coordinators and facilitators experienced the impact of mismanaged waste on a personal level in their own communities, understand the local challenges and have the capacity to support other RRCs on implementing IWPs community-led development project on Climate and Environment.

Marta Muslin
IWP National Coordinator has a 12 year track record of Solid Waste Management capacity building, community development and company management in NTT and other regions.                             Advocating Public Policy – DANIDA, Denmark 2019 / The Klosters Forum – Switzerland 2019 / International Leadership Visitor for Sustainable Policy and Energy, 2017 USA / Sustainable Tourism for regional growth, 2016 Australia
Nina van Toulon Founder of Eco Flores (2010), Indonesian Waste Platform (2015), co-founder of International Waste Platform (2018) and an advocate for Collective Impact approach in sustainable development. Nina brings her own experience as a business owner and social entrepreneur. She has a ten-year track record of waste program development, network-building, event management in Indonesia’s waste sector and she cleans beaches. Nina is a Dutch citizen and has been working and living in Asia (China and Indonesia) since 1987
Fenti Susanti Stakeholder liaison in Jakarta
Jane Fischer Coordinator of Bali Waste Platform, Indonesian Waste Platform
Advisory Board Member Material Innovations
Gita Noor Coordinator Tubaba and Garut Waste Platform
Yusmadi Yusuf Coordinator Aceh Waste Platform


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