It is fundamentally important that children – from a young age onwards – learn about climate change and the impact of pollution on the environment. It is equally important to empower teachers. We incorporate Climate & Waste literacy in all we do; we offer virtual teacher training programs, and online learning modules. Our education programs empower students, their parents & teachers. Together with partners we introduce education programs for all age groups. Topics in our learning materials cover the principles of 5R, alternatives to single-use, types of waste, waste segregation, the impact of open burning of waste, the impact of litter.

Green Indonesia

Kampus Bebas Plastic – Plastic Free Campus

Kampus Bebas Plastic , PFC didedikasikan untuk membantu sekolah-sekolah untuk memerangi polusi penggunaan plastik sekali pakai di seluruh dunia. PFC membantu sekolah untuk melakukan sesuatu yang bermanfaat terhadap lingkungan dan kesehatan kita.

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Plastic Free Campus, PFC is dedicated to helping schools fight single-use plastic pollution worldwide. PFC helps schools make a difference for the environment, social justice and our own health.

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Introducing Kampus Bebas Plastik Young Ambassador

Meet 14 years old Nina from East Java. Nina is scared when she thinks about her future. Ever since China has stopped the plastic import from Western countries, her neighbourhood serves as a dumping ground for Australia, United States, Canada and many countries in Europe. In order to raise awareness Aeshnina collects garbage items from all around the world for an exhibition at her school. She detects how plastic finds its way into our land, our rivers, our oceans and even into the air that we breathe. “Take back your trash from Indonesia” she wrote to President Trump but his answer was nothing short of a cheap excuse. Nina wrote to the Dutch minister for the Environment. Now Nina will write to the Australian, Canadian and German government heads handing over a petition signed by hundreds of like-minded youth.

Nina on why it is important that students join: “so they know that our earth is threatened and very polluted, because not many people care. We should not be selfish in this time because the earth is not only for present generation but also for future generation, thus we have to preserve and maintain the earth sustainability. As students we will inherit the earth in the near future, that we have to action to protect the earth from greedy and ignorant people who destroy our one and only planet earth.”

MBRC Academy

Akademi MBRC adalah sebuah kursus daring bagi pelajar pelajar dan dewasa yang ingin membuat perubahan di dalam dunia kelestarian laut. Kita bangga membersihkan pantai dan mendaur ulang barang barang kita, tetapi mereka hanyalah setetes di lautan di bandingkan dengan kekuatan dari mendidik dunia mengenai kelestarian laut.

MBRC Academy is an online course for students and adults looking to make waves in the world of ocean sustainability. We are proud of our beach cleanups and recycled wares, but they’re a drop in the ocean compared to the power of educating the world on ocean sustainability.

Berjalan selama satu tahun dan dengan topik baru setiap minggunya, Akademi akan memberikan kursus tidak berbayar yang akan melengkapi pelajaran di universitas anda saat ini. Kuliah mingguan akan meningkatkan kesadaran anda, mengerti dan mencintai laut. Kursus yang dilaksanakan oleh Akademi MBRC menyelami lebih dalam kedalam apapun yang harus dilakukan dengan laut. Dengan mata pelajaran seperti habitat laut dan eksplorasi, polusi dan plastik di laut, membersihkan dan mendaur ulang dan masih banyak lagi topik topik yang menarik.

Running for one year and with a fresh topic each week, the free-of-charge Academy course will complement your current university studies. Weekly lectures will increase your awareness, understanding and love of the ocean. The MBRC Academy course dives deep into everything that has to do with the ocean. With subjects like ocean habitats and exploration, ocean plastic and pollution, cleanups and recycling and so many more interesting topics.

IWP supports dissemination of this wonderful program in Indonesia.

Coral heroes

In collaboration with Secore International. A comic about corals developed for kids. Free print version.