Environmental education learning materials have been developed by various organisations. Some are accessible for free.

Various NGOs have developed and are implementing their own concept of knowledge transfer. Programs are directed at various stakeholder groups, such as teachers and or students of various age groups. These programs are mostly implemented locally.

Kampus Bebas Plastic – Plastic Free Campus

Developed by Gallifrey

Kampus Bebas Plastic , PFC didedikasikan untuk membantu sekolah-sekolah untuk memerangi polusi penggunaan plastik sekali pakai di seluruh dunia. PFC membantu sekolah untuk melakukan sesuatu yang bermanfaat terhadap lingkungan dan kesehatan kita.

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Plastic Free Campus, PFC is dedicated to helping schools fight single-use plastic pollution worldwide. PFC helps schools make a difference for the environment, social justice and our own health.

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MBRC Academy

Developed by MBRC The Ocean

Running for one year and with a fresh topic each week, the free-of-charge Academy course will complement your current university studies. Weekly lectures will increase your awareness, understanding and love of the ocean. The MBRC Academy course dives deep into everything that has to do with the ocean. With subjects like ocean habitats and exploration, ocean plastic and pollution, cleanups and recycling and so many more interesting topics.

Indonesia Hijau

Books developed by Happy Green World Adapted to Indonesian and implemented in teacher trainings by Eco Flores / Indonesian Waste Platform.

Video English

Video in Bahasa Indonesia

Coral heroes

Developed by Secore comic about corals developed for kids. Free print version 24 pages.

Meet our coral heroes Al, Samy, Jo, and Bran and join them on their adventures exploring the secret reefs of Towabonga!

Translations to Indonesian: Indonesian Waste Platform.

This comic is also available in seven other languages : English, German, Italian, Dutch, Papiamentu, French, and Spanish

Pulau Harapan

Developed by MataCinta

Book: Pulau Harapan Pulau Kami Our Island of Hope. Author : Amaranila Lalita Drjono
First edition, January 2020
Bilingual (Indonesian – English)

Based on a true story, about the impact of ocean trash on the life of inhabitants on the island (Pulau Harapan).

Order at +62 811-164-646

Trash Hero Kids E-book

Developed by Trash Hero World

The Ebook is available in three languages and two formats, PDF and ePUB. The ePUB version is readable on iBooks (iPad, iPhone, Mac), Google Play Books and non-Kindle ebook readers (Nook, Kobo etc.).
PDF version is readable on all devices with a PDF reader, including PC and Kindle.

Bahasa Indonesia – PDF
Bahasa Indonesia – ePUB


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