National Plan of Action on Marine Plastic Debris 2017 – 2025

  • Safri Burhanuddin, Deputy Minister for Human Resources, Sciences and Technologies and Maritime Culture, Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs and Resources, Republic of Indonesia

Abandoned, lost or otherwise discarded fishing gear & sustainable fisheries

  • Sapta Putra Ginting MSc, PhD.  National Coordinator Coastal Community Development CCDP IFAD – Ministry Marine & Fisheries, Indonesia

Ecotoxicology and Marine Pollution

  • Akbar Tahir, Full Professor in Ecotoxicology and Marine Pollution at Universitas Hasanuddin

Education and Public Awareness

  • Musyarafah Machmud, MA, GBBS Team

Coastal and Sea Pollution and Degradation Control

  • Drs. Heru Waluyo , Director for Coastal and Sea Pollution and Degradation Control – Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Indonesia

Hazardous waste and hazardous materials management

  • Tuti Hendrawati, Former director hazardous waste Ministry of Environment and Forestry

Food Loss and Food Waste

  • Basja Jantowski – Independent Consultant Sustainable Development Jantowski Consulting – consultant for World Resources Institute and Global Agribusiness Alliance on a scoping for a Public-Private Partnership on Efficiency of the Food System as part of the Food and Land-Use Coalition program in Indonesia

Health impact and education 

  • Dr. Amaranila Lalita Drijono, Dermatologist graduated from University of Indonesia, the founder of GEMASS (Gerakan Makan Sehat Anak Sekolah) Indonesia & MataCinta Eco Conscious Living.

Impact of waste on fresh water source

  • Sumengen Sutomo, Senior lecturer at the Faculty of Public Health at University of Indonesia, Environmental Health Sciences (Environmental Health Management, Water Quality)

Impact of waste on marine mammals and associated oceanic habitats.

  • Benjamin Kahn, Director APEX Environmental Coral Triangle Oceanic Cetacean Program, IUCN Species Survival Commission – Cetacean Specialist Group, IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas, Adjunct Research Fellow, Centre of Marine Science and Technology Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia Fellow International, The Explorers Club, New York City, USA

Industry & Circular Economy

  • Y.W. Junardy, President Commissioner Rajawali Corporation & President Global Compact Network Indonesia
  • Josephine Satyono, Executive Director Global Compact Network Indonesia

International relations & Strategy

  • Joi Danielson, Director Ocean Plastic SYSTEMIQ; Technical Advisor, Vital Ocean Indonesia

Packaging & Circular Economy

  • Henky Wibawa – Chairman Indonesian Packaging Federation

Packaging, Life Cycle Analyses, Waste Management options and Blockchain application

  • Gijsbert Tweehuysen

Material Innovation – Bio based, Biodegradable, Oxo Degradable, Compostable materials

  • Jane Fischer

Plastics recycling

  • Christine Halim, Chairwoman of ADUPI (Asosiasi Daur Ulang Plastic Indonesia – Indonesia Plastic Recycling Association)
  • Willy Tandiyo, Governing Board member of ADUPI (Indonesian Plastic Recycling Association)
 and CEO of PT Pradha Karya Perkasa, Mojokerto.

Riverine Litter

  • Gijsbert Tweehuysen – founder at Waste Free Waters