IWP Green Future Leadership Award 2018

Indonesian Waste Platform has been awarded with the
Green Future Leadership Award 2018
The Indonesia Green Future Leadership Awards recognises leaders who have contributed value & made a change as a strategic tool for sustainable growth. Such Leaders who are impactful & believe that there is a MAD approach to their work (Making A Difference). The approach is driven by passion & commitment towards Social Change.

Scheduled on 24th October,2018 at Sheraton Grand Jakarta Gandaria City Hotel.

The criteria adopted in this case are:
– Environment strategist and change manager
– Incorporating Ethical Values
– Develops responsible leaders
– Involvement in Communities & Protection of the Environment
– Strategic Perspective & Building Collaborate Relationships
– Effective and sustainable mobilisation of resources in support of programme and project work, including support from local communities
– Demonstration of efficient management of financial and human resources, good governance practices, transparency and accountability, and effective communication

We see this award as an appreciation for all involved in IWP
Our hub team Marta Muslin, Fenti Susanti, Muriel Ydo , for our advisors
Tuti Hendrawati Mintarsih, Amaranila Lalita Drijono, Safri Burhanuddin, Sapta Ginting, Heru Waluyo, Ara Mac Safri, Gijsbert Tweehuysen, Joi Danielson, Yaya Winarno Junardy, Josephine Satyono, Basja Jantowski, Henky Wibawa, Christine Halim, Sumengen Sutomo, Benjamin Kahn, Charlot Verburg

And for all who participate on our platform forum, contributing by sharing your news, knowledge, experiences, best-practices, questions and comments.