PRESS RELEASE 29-10-2018 Plastic Recycling & Recyclability Indonesian recycling sector perspective

PRESS RELEASE – for immediate publication

29 OCTOBER 2018

As a contribution to Our Ocean Conference 2018 Bali the Indonesian Plastic Recycling Association, Indonesian Waste Platform and the Indonesian Packaging Federation have published their report,

Plastic Recycling & Recyclability

Indonesian recycling sector perspective


This report is a resource document for discussions and various workshops towards reducing ocean pollution by Plastic Marine Debris and supporting the development of a Circular Economy


The Indonesian recycling sector needs to meet the goal of a 30% increase of recycling rates by 2025.


In the report we address the challenges of the Indonesian recycling sector. The report also includes a product review, recommendations to brand owners and government, regarding product design, policies and regulations. The report offers guidance to improve recyclability of materials and increasing consumer awareness. The report also addresses concerns related to the introduction of alternative packaging materials on the Indonesian market.

This report is open source and can be shared to third parties.