Update data collection – citizen science

Re – Data collection – citizen science – Marine Debris Tracker
Update from Indonesian Waste Platform and International Waste Platform

To contribute to filling in gaps regarding data we have established collaboration to develop a country list for Indonesia on Marine Debris Tracker

The Indonesian list is now ‘live’ with the name Indonesian Waste Platform.
We have adapted the item list, adding country specific items (packaging), translated the item list and are testing.
We are currently translating the ‘information’ and ‘instruction’ pages on the Marine Debris website into Bahasa Indonesia, as to enable the non-English speakers here to access all info.

We commit to encourage stakeholders in our network throughout Indonesia to use the tracker.
We have established a collaboration with Trash Hero World. Trash Hero has chapters in several countries, which engage in weekly clean-ups.
They have much to contribute and are willing to motivate all chapter leaders to voluntary register their chapter and start collecting data.
Exploring with Indonesian country coordinator of Indonesia Let’s Do It to engage too.

In order to enhance all contributor’s profiles we advise they register as organisation within the Indonesian list, for example Trash Hero Komodo, Labuan Bajo, Flores, Indonesia.
Individuals can also register on personal basis on the App.

Meanwhile we are communicating with the other country hubs/networks regarding the development of ‘country’ lists for the other countries which have joined forces at International Waste Platform.
Via this link you can see our general Voluntary Commitment to join forces  – in due course we will add a Voluntary Commitment regarding data collection.

• Vietnam – Vietnam Zero Waste Alliance – indicated they also had been communicating with Jenna and they will have their Vietnam list translated.
• Russia – Olga Mironenko has indicated she will translate into Russian.
• Taiwan – to explore with stakeholders there during meeting at Marine Debris Forum in National Cheng Kung University in Tainan and Marine Debris Symposium on Penghu Island on 28 & 29 Sept.
• Ongoing communications with Timor-Leste and Philippines and the other hubs about developing a ‘country’ list.
• Portugal Input by Paula Sobral from the Portuguese Marine Waste Association : we support the OSPAR list, (and the marine litter watch list from the EEA). Every year we send data to OC from the ICC in Portugal. We agree that a “global list” is useful and at this point there are maybe 7 or 8 around and it will be great to converge in one format that merges monitoring and citizen science.
• Australia Input by Heidi Taylor : They have just launched their Australian Database – can access via this link 
• Input by Seán Lynch based in Ireland : Open Litter Map – exploring if there can be a collaboration between MDT &  OpenLitterMap. Article by Seán Lynch

All data added on Marine Debris Tracker is open access.