Indonesian Waste Platform is a non-for-profit organisation supporting advancing and accelerating solutions on the global climate & waste crisis within the framework of the SDGs.

This Code of Conduct applies to all components of our organisation and include:
The activities carried out by our core team
The projects, events and other activities organised by our team.
The tasks and projects carried out in our membership at International Waste Platform
The Code of Conduct covers the following types of unacceptable behaviour:

Interpersonal misconduct
sexual harassment, intimidation and violence; aggression, discrimination and bullying; abuse and unwanted attention; threatening or violent behaviour or language; cyber bullying.

Financial misconduct
fraud; improper use/misuse of funds; theft; tax evasion and asset management / investment policy contrary to organisational objectives; money laundering;

Abuses of power
corruption; conflicts of interest and nepotism; manipulation or misuse/leaking of information.

The objective of this policy is to guarantee that:

all people who work in our organisation, work with us and on our behalf possess the necessary competences, self-confidence, understanding and support to fulfil their responsibilities in protecting the target group against violence, in preventing fraud and corruption and in combating abuses of power
we follow the necessary procedures to prevent and monitor actions and behaviour of our team members, individuals who work with or on behalf of Indonesian Waste Platform, and subsidy recipients and beneficiaries that could result in violence against someone in the target group, fraud, corruption or abuses of power; the target group we work with is aware of our duty to prevent any injustice that may be inflicted on them as a result of the actions and behaviour of our team, people who work with or on behalf of Indonesian Waste Platform and subsidy recipients and beneficiaries, as well as our duty to respond to injustice that does occur; our target group is aware of the available channels to report these types of incidents; we make the right agreements with our partner organisations (subsidy recipients, beneficiaries and suppliers) on declaring this Code of Conduct applicable to at least the activities carried out in the context of contractual obligations between Indonesian Waste Platform and the relevant partner organisation.


Indonesian Waste Platform is dedicated to creating a safe environment for our team and everyone who works at, with, for and on behalf of Indonesian Waste Platform. All team members have a duty to uphold the principles of this policy. They commit to safeguarding a work culture dedicated to creating that safe environment and preventing violence against our target group.
Indonesian Waste Platform considers sexual exploitation and abuse by team members (including the people who work for, with or on behalf of Indonesian Waste Platform) as serious offences and cause to take disciplinary measures. The exact measures to be taken depend on the circumstances.

Financial misconduct

We strive to build relationships with all stakeholders in our network that are based on professionalism, trust and integrity.
We will never make illegal payments, perform or ask for illegal favours or take any other actions that could expose Indonesian Waste Platform to risks of financial loss, dependency, blackmail, extortion, legal sanctions or damage to our reputation. We have a zero-tolerance policy regarding all forms of fraud and corruption.

Abuses of power
Indonesian Waste Platform team members act in accordance with the following values to prevent abuses of power:

In carrying out our activities, it is important that we maintain independent and objective relationships with individual parties in the field. Personal interests are avoided, and if personal interests are involved, these are kept strictly separate from any business interests. All conflicts of interest or the appearance thereof are avoided. Indonesian Waste Platform is honest and transparent in this regard and can therefore always explain why specific decisions have been made.

Indonesian Waste Platform is a reliable partner, meaning that team members live up to expectations. We do not make commitments that we may not be able to or are not able to keep, and we do not set unrealistic expectations in our communication. We fulfil our agreements. Rules, standards for things such as quality, and norms, social and otherwise, are adhered to, both in letter and spirit. Indonesian Waste Platform and its team members are held accountable for this and take responsibility accordingly;

Decisions are made carefully, with thorough consideration of the various interests involved. Public funds and other resources are used in a targeted and cost-effective manner. Team members also use office and ICT facilities provided by Indonesian Waste Platform in a responsible and professional manner. This applies particularly to internet use and email. Personal and other data are handled confidential.

Carbon footprint

To reduce our carbon footprint we : reduce our travel; make use of virtual meetings; use refillable water bottles.

COVID-19 protocols

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic we have adjusted all our activities in line with applicable protocols.

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