Facilitating stakeholders to meet in person for a powerful week of knowledge exchange and capacity building for waste management skills for selected leaders of grass root organisations from remote regions which have the potential to spread their acquired skills in their region.

On Bali there is a high concentration of waste experts from various sectors who are willing to share their knowledge and best-practices to their peers in IWP. Their knowledge transfer is an in-kind donation. Bali is unique in this respect. The fact that waste experts are located in such a compact region enables us to offer a compact, cost and time efficient program for knowledge transfer.

This knowledge exchange covers exchange

  • Awareness / skills waste separation, composting, permaculture;
  • Recycling of plastics waste business skills;
  • Campaigning skills;
  • Community based waste management concept;
  • Environmental education
  • Technical solutions
  • Establishing community cleanup group activities
  • Holistic Education: Green School concept
  • Collection requirements of the recycling industry regarding plastic


  • expanding the recyclables collection network – improved waste management related skills in participants who do not have access to this high quality knowledge and best practices in their own respective region;
  • insights in local waste stakeholder networks, local waste management and challenges regarding waste management;
  • connections & collaborations established between local governmental stakeholders, grass root organisations and the recycling industry

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