While our beaches and deserts may suggest otherwise, sand is actually in short supply, with an unprecedented surge in demand seriously depleting global supplies. A key component of concrete, glass and other essential building materials, sand plays a crucial role in shaping and building our urban landscapes.

Glass bottles and pots are not recycled in most parts of Indonesia and thus glass mostly ends up as trash in landfills, which really is a waste of precious materials!

In 2019 IWP started to recycle glass.

We repurpose glass bottles and pots collected from the Labuan Bajo hotel & restaurant sector and communities. Equil supported our team with equipment and training and now we are ready to take orders from local community for these wonderful products. For local orders please contact Marta (Ica) Muslin at +62 813-3851-1345

By ordering our products you support our waste management training center.

Our production facility at our Waste Management Training Center

Our other glass applications: walls & garden steps

This is how we crush bottles to produce sand. We were able to purchase this machine with a donation from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency in 2019. The sand is used to produce garden steps.

Garden steps
Repurposing glass bottles in walls, reducing cement and sand

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